Brooklyn Summer

June 17, 2000

A typical Brooklyn weekend night - walking to the train station we ran into Dominic, coming back from a bike ride. We had plans to meet Nathan at The Fountain, on Atlantic Avenue, which has terrific Middle Eastern food. Unfortunately, Nathan lives on the Far Upper East Side (94&1!), rather far from downtown Brooklyn, and arrived flustered and disgruntled from a hellishly long and un-airconditioned subway ride in which he was apparently forced to transfer from train to train for various obscure, unexplained MTA reasons.  After dinner, and an ice cream stop next door at Pete's, we walked through the eerily gentrified Carrol Gardens and picked up Richard at his apartment on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.  After a short hang out and a look over Richard's latest photos, we spent the rest of the evening at a brownstone party on Seventh Avenue where Richard flirted outrageously with not one but two girls simultaneously and the rest of us (with the exception of Nathan) talked about how much we love Brooklyn.

 I must see more of that gorgeous Jarrett
 Show me more Richard "Ladies' Man" Press