Saturday night, and Dominick, Stryker, Jarrett and I were sitting around Dom's apartment, listless from the heat and humidity.  Richard came over, we sat around a little more, and then we piled into Richard's Honda and headed for Coney Island. Terrifying amusement rides, round after round of skeet ball, numerous tests of manly strength and aim, go-karts, carnival food, paper cups of beer, and a walk on the (littered) beach in the ocean breeze fixed what ailed us in a hurry.

The High Flyer, which flips its victims upside-down, repeatedly.

Power hitter Dominick Smith & grand slammer Jarrett Mellenbruch.

Waiting with the kids for the nauseating Thunder Bolt.

The Wonder Wheel was until 2000 the world's tallest ferris wheel.

Glowing with health after a lot of shish-kebobs, onion rings, french fries and Heineken - midnight supper of champions.

Side show banners. The blur in the background is the Cyclone, under which Woody Allen claims to have grown up in ANNIE HALL.

Reality note:
the next day we heard on the news that four Hasidic men were shot on the boardwalk at 4AM, just two hours after we'd left for home.

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June 10, 2000