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The beaches between Zipolite and Puerto Escondido are some of the world's most important sea turtle nesting sites and home to major conservation efforts.  At the Turtle Museum and Research Center in Mazunte scientists gather, catalog and hatch eggs and release baby turtles.  The turtle in the middle photo was probably a little over three feet long, while the largest we saw was about the size of a double bed.  Other wildlife we saw in Zipolite are: a horse and her colt who trot up and down the beach every afternoon; talking pet parrots, including the one in the courtyard of our hotel who mimics the innkeeper calling her daughter ("Rosita! Ven! Ven, Rosita!"); burros, skinks; a goat being chased by a shouting man (never caught); and one day, four big black dolphins that swam slowly up the entire length of the beach, about 50 feet from and parallel to shore.